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AfriAlliance Brokerage Roadshow Event (organised by WaterNet)

 31st October 2018



Zambia + Google Map

Due to impacts of climate change, water availability and food security are becoming key challenges as both are highly vulnerable to continuously changing climatic patterns. Agricultural yields will likely be severely affected over the next hundred years due to unprecedented rates of changes in climate system. In this context, where climate change impacts, water availability and food security are closely linked, monitoring water availability to ensure the production is at stake to tackle economic, human, environment and political challenges. Thus the focus theme of the event will be “Monitoring of water availability in terms of quantity & quality for food security.”

The aim of this brokerage event is to help SMEs find market opportunities and to enhance localised networking across various African countries.

The event targets students, researchers and innovators in various Universities, Research Institutions and Private Sector in Africa, to raise the awareness of local innovation and technology needs and transfer.

The brokerage event will be staged in one session in the form of an exhibition scheduled on 31 October 2018 focusing on innovations in water and climate change in line with the theme. This event will help SMEs find technology development and access opportunities (potential collaborators); help them find market opportunities (customers for their solutions) and enhance localised networking opportunities in various African countries.

Those interested in attending the Brokerage Event, kindly register on https://goo.gl/forms/3P9FxCfRwzDowAWK2.
More information can be requested from waternet@waternetonline.org.



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