Social Innovation Factsheets: Monitoring

The Social Innovation Factsheet (SIFS) is a specific format to communicate solutions for societal needs on climate change and water-related issues in Africa.

In AfriAlliance, social innovation means tackling societal, water-related challenges arising from Climate Change by combining the technological and non-technological dimensions of innovation. In this specific context, the SIF aims to present the innovation opportunities on specific themes, enabling short-term improvements in the preparedness in Africa to address water and climate challenges.

The theme of this first series of SIFs was identified after interviews and workshops held in Africa (in Botswana, Morocco, Uganda and Ghana) during the initial phase of the project (2016-2017). Monitoring was highlighted as one of the main themes. Five sub-themes were detailed to provide a good understanding of the different dimensions and opportunities of monitoring: (i) Monitoring « drinking water » quality for improved health (ii) Monitoring of water availability in terms of quality and quantity for food security (iii) Monitoring climate for early warning systems to prepare for extreme weather events (iv) Monitoring groundwater quantity to ensure its sustainable use and to avoid water conflicts (v) Monitoring water pollution from industries and urban areas to protect human health and ecosystems.

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Monitoring drinking water:

Monitoring water availability:

Monitoring climate for early warning systems:

Monitoring groundwater quantity:

Monitoring water pollution: