African Network for River Basin Organizations (ANBO)

The African Network of River Basin Organizations (ANBO) is an integral part of the International Network of River Basin Organizations (INBO) and a subcommittee of the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW). The Network aims to promote, as an essential tool for sustainable development, the Integrated Water Resources Management in river, lake and aquifer. For this purpose, the Basin Organizations African Network strives to:

  • Develop cooperation between the structures responsible for the integrated management of water resources, and promote the exchange of experience and expertise;
  • Actively participate in policy formulation and implementation, supporting harmonization of policies, strategies and practices at national level, as well as that of the basins and sub -basins;
  • Strengthen the existing organizations and encourage the creation of new basin organizations;
  • Facilitate the development of appropriate tools for institutional and financial management, knowledge and monitoring of water resources, joint preparation of medium- and long-term plans;
  • Strengthen the network documentation centres and existing information within the member organizations to produce, exchange, synthesize and disseminate knowledge and expertise gained in IWRM, in collaboration with regional and international partners.
  • Develop training programs of staff of basin agencies and government officials working in the water sector, and encourage the education of people on these issues;
  • Promoting IWRM principles in international cooperation programs in the basins;
  • Evaluate the actions of member organizations and disseminate the results;
  • Organize joint activities of regional interest among its members and;
  • Provide support to AMCOW to satisfy specific requirements regarding the management of river basins and implement its approach on the field.


Role in AfriAlliance

ANBO is the leader of the Dissemination and Outreach Work Package (WP5), given ANBO's essential role as a centre of interest between the technical community, the policy makers, the community of practices and other key water stakeholders. ANBO will also provide significant inputs to WP2, representing the demand from a more regional/river basin scale, as well as WP3, since members of the network are important beneficiaries of results coming from the Monitoring and Forecasting work.


Who are we?

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Key contacts

Mr Amadou Lamine Ndiaye (m) is the Director of the Environment and the Sustainable Development of the Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Sénégal (OMVS), which is hosting the Secretariat of ANBO. He is responsible for the ANBO secretariat and has experience in water resources management, environmental/natural resources management; project management and implementation; vast experience working on development issues in Africa, including with Regional Economic Communities, River Basin Organisations (RBO) and national Governments; experience in transboundary water resources management; experience in stakeholder engagement – organising policy dialogues at global, pan-African, regional, national and local levels.