African Water Association (AFWA)

The African Water Association (AFWA) is a Pan-African association with a membership comprised of sector utilities and governmental agencies from all the African countries and is the primary facilitator of utility twinning in Africa through its Water Operators’ Partnerships Program for Africa (WOP-Africa). AfWA provides capacity reinforcement to its members to enable the provision of clean drinking water and sanitation services to all, in an efficient manner, through three primary objectives: 1) to coordinate the search for knowledge and latest development in the technical, legal, administrative, and economic fields for drinking water production and supply and sanitation services delivery; 2) to promote the exchange of information on methods, processes, and procedures of drinking water production and supply and sanitation; and 3) to initiate, encourage and promote any action of co-operation and exchange in professional training. In addition, the African Water Association aims to: provide its members with the results of studies, research, and surveys in all branches of activity in the drinking water, sanitation, and environment sector; encourage measures of general interest that will help upgrade professional skills; maintain close relations with all regional, continental, and international organs devoted to issues relating to the objectives of AfWA; organize a biannual congress, symposia, seminars, workshops, and scientific and technical committee sessions; and institute awards and distinctions to promote and stimulate members performance.

Role in AfriAlliance

In AfriAlliance, AfWA is the key representation of the perspective of Water Utilities, and in general of Water and Sanitation provision. As such, they will play an important role in WP2 where the specific demands and needs related to that sector will be analysed incorporated. For the same reason, AfriAlliance will benefit from their presence in the main project events, as well as from disseminating results in AfWA’s events; therefore they will contribute to WP3 and WP5.

Key contacts

Dr. Simeon Kenfack (m) is the program coordinator/interim technical Director at AfWA. He holds a PhD, an MSc and a MAS on sanitary and environmental engineering from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Dr Kenfack’s scope of work includes Advocacy, fund raising and providing coordination, guidance and technical support to water and sanitation services providers and WASH projects/programs implementers. With about 15 years of experience in the water and sanitation sector. Dr Kenfack previous assignments include the position of Research Group Leader and Regional Program and Partnership Manager at the Regional Center for water supply and sanitation facilities (CREPA, Burkina Faso) where he was the local leader of NETSSAF, a sanitation project funded by EU under the 6th EU research program.

Mr. Souleymane Ouattara (m) is the communications officer of the African Water Association. He holds a Master degree in Modern Literature, from the University of Abidjan / Cocody and a master in Business Communication from the higher education institute AGITEL Abidjan. He joined the African Water Association’s team in August 2015 as leader the AfWA’s knowledge management team.