Demand Driven Action Groups

As the vehicle for concrete demonstration, pilot projects, and information and knowledge sharing on selected thematic fields to promote cost-effective innovative solutions on water and climate, AfriAlliance will develop Action Groups made up of African and European water and climate change stakeholders. The AfriAlliance Action Groups are the place where stakeholders can share common interest and jointly work towards implementable solutions.

There will be two calls for Action Groups. The first call takes place in July 2016. The themes are defined based on an in-depth analysis of current networks at African and European level, surveys and individual interviews with the entire AfriAlliance project consortium, focused on critical subject areas. Meanwhile, the theme selection for the second round of Action Groups will be setup through an open, bottom up approach with interested parties beyond the AfriAlliance consortium. The second call for Action Groups will take place in 2018.

The main themes that the first set of Action Groups will focus on are: 

  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Food Security / Agriculture
  • Human Capacity Development
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  • Water and Climate Data Collection, Monitoring, Analysis and Forecasting

First set of Action Groups