Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Global Water Partnership (GWP) is an international network created in 1996 to foster the implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM). It is a non-profit multi-donor funded action network focused on facilitating and supporting the sustainable management of water resources at all levels. GWP has built up a network of Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs), with a strong presence in Africa with four regional offices (Mediterranean, West Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, and Southern Africa). These bring together various sectors and interest groups to identify and discuss common water problems and to develop action plans based on IWRM. The GWP Organization (GWPO), established as an intergovernmental agency in Sweden, acts as the ‘network hub’ for GWP.

Role in AfriAlliance

The Global Water Partnership is a key player with its facilitation role especially in view of the fact that it brings together a broad variety of different groups. AfriAlliance will benefit from this capacity using GWP inputs mainly in WP3 allowing an increase in the impact of the actions taking place in this WP. Next to WP3, GWP will also provide contribution to dissemination of project results (through its broad community, and especially using the multiplying effect of its regional offices) and in WP1 where they will support the analysis of the coordination efforts.

Who are we?

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Key contacts

Dr. Danka Thalmeinerova (f) is a Senior Knowledge Management Officer in charge of promoting and facilitating a culture of knowledge sharing and technical support across the GWP Network. She has more than 20 years working experience in water-related issues ranging from being a civil servant of the environment ministry, team leader in EU-funded projects in Central Europe and conducting teaching and capacity building trainings for GWP Network. She also assists to knowledge think tanks for GWP (Technical Committee) in the production of knowledge products and maintains GWP Toolbox.

Mr. Kenge James Gunya (m) is a Knowledge Management Officer at GWP since 2010. He holds MSc. in Environmental Science specializing in water resources and food security from Linköping University, Sweden and Bachelor’s in Environmental Management from Makerere University, Uganda. He is responsible for knowledge management and capacity building programmes across the GWP network. He has been involved in the GWP Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP), that is a pan-African training and capacity building programme. Prior to his graduate studies, he worked with a local environmental NGO in Uganda.

They will be supported by a Regional Coordinator of GWP Eastern Africa, Patrick Safari (m) and a regional program manager Kidanemariam Jembere (m).