The Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of University of Twente, undertakes education, research and advisory services in Earth Observation (EO) and geospatial information acquisition, analysis and management. ITC provide tools and methods for the exploitation and conservation of resources and environment, particularly in developing countries. The Department of Water Resources (WRS) is a multidisciplinary scientific department specializing in scientific research and education in EO and Geo-information Sciences for the understanding, monitoring, predicting and sustainable use and management of water resources. The mission of WRS is realized by conducting high quality fundamental and applied research in water cycle and climate using EO and spatial information technologies and providing higher education (at PhD and MSc degree level) and professional training (short courses) in water resources, climate change and related environmental issues. Furthermore, worldwide advisory project services constitute a part of our work, in particular tailored made capacity development projects on EO use for water resources.


Tasks in AfriAlliance

ITC will be the task leader of WP4 related to the improvement of monitoring and forecasting tools and processes. ITC is a strong player in that field as proved for example by the key role played in the ESA-TIGER project that assists African countries to overcome problems related to water related geo-information. Because the results generated in this WP will be used in a cross-cutting manner by all other Work Packages (WP1, 2, 3, 5); ITC will have an equal amount of inputs in these Work Packages, playing the important role of informing, knowledge transfer, dissemination, of innovative results generated in WP4.


Key contacts

Chris M. Mannaerts (m) is associate professor Environmental Hydrology. His research and education focus is on use of Earth Observation and process modeling for water resources management and water and food security studies. He is involved in int’l networks (GEO), advisory services and knowledge exchange (> 20 countries), especially for developing & middle income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He holds scientific department heading, staff and project management experience.

Arno van Lieshout (m) is senior lecturer of hydrology and course coordinator of the Water Resources & Environmental Management MSc program. He’s actively involved in int’l coordination efforts (ESA TIGER, WaterNet) and other project initiatives on knowledge valorisation of Earth Observation in the water sector.

Rob Lemmens (m) is associate professor in Geo-information Processing in the Geo-information Processing Department. His expertise is in the field of research and development of web-based applications of Geo-information. He’s also community lead for the Ilwis open source software, the ITC brand remote sensing and GIS package.