Local Governments for Sustainability Africa (ICLEI Africa)

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability-Africa is a not for profit organization with secretariat office based in Cape Town – South Africa, whose mission is to enhance the capacity of a growing network of local governments to achieve tangible improvements in local resilience, sustainability and quality of life in urban areas. ICLEI Africa is a coordinating platform for local governments committed to sustainable development. ICLEI has a long history of working with local governments to promote sustainable and integrated urban water and sanitation management, taking cognisance of climate change and where appropriate making links to ecosystem services (through our urban biodiversity programme). The interdisciplinary nature of the organisation and pan African network places ICLEI in the perfect position to engage with and mobilise local decision makers and key practitioners.

18 staff members serve the ICLEI network in Africa and provide technical services; of these, the Cities Biodiversity Center team consists of 5 people, one of whom is seconded to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Montreal. Additionally ICLEI taps into 250 other staff members in other regional offices for expertise in additional areas and to share best practices.

Role in AfriAlliance

ICLEI has a key role in the project, being the main stakeholders representing needs and demands emerging from local government. Their inputs will be mainly in WP2, where local needs are an essential input to the process of research agenda shaping, and WP3, where they represent the local government perspective in the knowledge transfer process. ICLEI will also contribute to the Dissemination WP (WP5) in spreading the project results to their local government audience.

Key contacts

Sarah Birch (f) is Programme Manager, Climate, Energy & Disaster Risk Reduction. She is in charge of developing numerous climate change project concepts and proposals. She is involved in projects concerning Climate Advisory for EU funded Sustainable Urban Resilient (SURe) Water Frameworks (Developing Local Climate Solutions for 6 SADC cities), African Online Adaptation Tool preparation for Local Governments

Tarryn Quayle (f) is Professional Officer Urban Water and Sanitation. She is the project leader of the Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network, in charge of the development and mobilisation of the Network. She is also project lead of the project: Sustainable Urban Resilient Water for Africa: Developing Local Climate Solutions, as well as the projects: Local Initiatives in the Promotion of the Attainment of the Water and Sanitation Millennium Development Goals (two year project, funded by the European Commission) and Sub-Saharan Africa Cities, a Five-City Network to Pioneer Climate Adaptation through Participatory Research and Local Action (three year project, funded by the IDRC).