Integration anxiety: The cognitive isolation of climate change (external paper)


This new paper in Global Environmental Change seeks to understand how people coordinate (or fail to coordinate) climate change risks with other decisions.

The study examines South Africa’s commercial grain farmers as a uniquely informative group with the demonstrated capacity, incentive and willingness to adapt to climate change risks, including their ongoing adoption of farming practices associated with Conservation Agriculture. Using mental models analysis, it is found that farmers’ failure to integrate climate change with the many other risks they face makes it unlikely that they will adapt proactively and rationally to this new uncertainty even when they otherwise appear motivated and well-equipped to do so.

Keywords: Climate change adaptation; Mainstreaming; Decision making; Risk perceptions; Conservation agriculture; Mental models

Reference for the article: Findlater KM, Donner SDD, Satterfield T, Kandlikar M (2018). Integration anxiety: The cognitive isolation of climate change. Global Environmental Change, 50:178-189. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2018.02.010.

Using this link, the paper can be downloaded for free until 8 June 2018.