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16 March 2018

Questions until 13th of April 2018
Proposals until 11th of May 2018 17h00 (CET)



Call for proposal to form an Action Group

Africa is going to be one of the regions most in need of innovative solutions for tackling water and Climate Change-related challenges. The successful interaction among relevant stakeholders from both Africa and Europe in water management is of principal importance when trying to generate, increase and exchange knowledge and innovation that address the demands for solutions that have noticeable and high impact.

This is why we now invite applications for the second set of demand-driven, problem-focused AfriAlliance Action Groups. Five Action Groups will be formed with the aim of reducing fragmentation in water and climate actions within Africa and between Africa and the European Union by bringing together relevant knowledge, expertise and solutions.  We invite you to create an Action Group of African and European peers for effective, problem-focused knowledge sharing. It will allow you to jointly demonstrate your innovative ideas, undertake pilot activities together, and share knowledge between stakeholders and networks, to effectively identify and address vulnerabilities.

The activities of the Action Group will need to focus on one aspect (sub-theme) from the following main themes:

  1. Human development and capacity development needs in water and climate actions
  2. Institutional capacity development needs in water and climate actions
  3. Rural and Agriculture settings
  4. Urban and industrial settings
  5. Coastal areas
  6. Transversal issues


Please note that we will only accept applications that are submitted via the online application form.  You can apply any time before the 11th of May 2018 17h00 (Central European Time).

If you have an idea around which you want to form an Action Group and are looking for partners, or if you are looking to join an Action Group proposal, you can place an announcement on the AfriAlliance Action Group Market Place.

More information

If you have difficulties with completing the application form or you have any questions with regards to the application process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the AfriAlliance team at Please note that questions will only be accepted up to the 11th of April 2018 (one month before the closure of the application process). All questions and responses will be available on the  “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

13 responses to “Apply to Form an AfriAlliance Action Group

  1. Congrats. for the initiative! Most certainly a seed for a greater contribution to improve the livelihood conditions in many countries. We would be interested in participating in action group 5 and 6, but certainly not leading them. Is it possible to contact with leading participants willing to team up with organizations or individuals like us? Application seems to be for those willing to lead one of the actions.

    Many thanks in advance

    Jordi Guimerà

    1. Dear Jordi, thank you for your interest in the Action Groups. You can place an announcement on the Market Place to find partners to join you. Good luck with the application!

    1. Dear all, thanks for your message and for your interest in the Action Groups. You can place an announcement on the Market Place to find other interested applicants. Good luck!

  2. My Country Ghana is likely to import water by the year 2020,this is according to a research finding this is due to illegal human activities such as illegal mining locally referred to as galamsey. Joining an Action Group will afford me the platform to advocate and sensitized community members and various stakeholders about the need to act provocatively by finding innovative ways of tackling the phenomenon before it becomes a canker. Iam willing to join any Action Group.

  3. That i a great idea. I will be interested in participating not leading the Team. So if there is any organisation that is ready to lead we are willing to team up with such organisation or individuals.

    1. Dear Daniel, thank you for your interest in the Action Groups. To find organisations that are looking for partners, you can place an announcement on the Market Place. Keep in mind that the application deadline is 11 May already. Good luck!

  4. j’adhère au theme: ‘besoins de développement et de développement des capacités dans les actions liées à l’eau

  5. problème d’eau dans les pays au sud du Sahara doit être gérer pour le futur cause de beaucoup de paramètres physiques et socio- économiques

  6. I was filling the application of the survey monkey and it is not the final version, when I pushed “done” I couldn’t access it any more.
    What shall I do now?

  7. I like to remain in touch with your project considering my intenstion to provide local water initiatives a relevant network for institutional development, technical knowledge and financial recources inclusing business opportunities. I am in contact wit two locations in Tanzania interested in establishing a Hydrologic Corridor for moderation of climate extremes, mitigation of climate change while contributing tot sustainable development.

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