Are you a change agent in climate innovation?


Join the Pilot in “Promoting Sustainable Innovation” by May 7, 2017 and be assessed for free!

Certified Professional is Climate-KIC’s innovative programme to certify future-oriented job competencies in innovation and sustainability. The certificate is set to invigorate the European job market and ultimately facilitate our society’s move towards a more sustainable future.

The European policy agendas have identified transversal skills and competencies as key to foster sustainable change in the European job market. Against this background, Certified Professional introduces a pan-European standard for key competencies for the postgraduate job market focussing on sustainable change.

Candidates can position themselves as tackling climate change challenges on multiple societal layers:

  • The certification “Accelerating Transitions” emphasises competencies for visioning, leading, and facilitating systemic change towards a low carbon society .
  • The certification “Promoting Innovation” addresses competencies to address challenges, defining opportunities, creating and demonstrating novel solutions with a value proposition for the society.
  • The certification “Driving Entrepreneurship” focuses on essential entrepreneurship competencies to identify opportunities, create and implement novel business solutions in an ethical way.






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Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership, working together to address the challenge of climate change.

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