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The International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD-Africa) is a youth-led non-governmental organisation committed to raising global and multi-stakeholder support for greener and climate-resilient Africa. ISNAD-Africa is currently implementing the Mentoring for Research Programme (MRP) for students in African universities. The programme helps students in African universities who are conducting research on sustainable energy, environment and climate change topics in various disciplines, access technical support (co-supervision) from researchers and professionals with fitting competencies across the globe through a structured and technical mentoring programme.

To further strengthen its programmes, communication and outreach, ISNAD-Africa is inviting applications from young researchers, professionals and students from across the globe to serve remotely as Programme and Communication Associates. The Associates will support ISNAD-Africa remotely through programme support activities, article-writing (for blogs and reports) and social and professional media networks. Specific requirements for the various positions are:

Programme Associates

  • Adept in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and analysis
  • Excellent e-mail writing skills are an added advantage
  • Knowledge of sustainable energy, environment and climate change is not required

Communications Associates (focussed on Article Writing, Social Media or Both)

  • Knowledgeable on at least one of three themes of ISNAD-Africa’s support programmes: sustainable energy development (energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency), environmental sustainability, and climate resilience.
  • For those interested in serving as an Article Writing Associate, experience in writing is an added advantage.
  • For those interested in serving as a Social Media Associate should be active on at least two of the following social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.
  • Proficient in at least English or French, proficiency in both is an advantage but not required.

Eligibility: the positions will be remote, thus applications are welcome from all nations across the globe.

Deadline: till the positions are filled.

Interested and qualified applicants are invited to complete the form here

For further details, please check out the ISNAD website, or contact ISNAD via or

4 responses to “Call for Volunteers – ISNAD-Africa

  1. I would really love to be a part of this it will be an opportunity for me to make a difference out there in the world about how we can manage to take care of our society and our environment.

    1. Dear Samgwa’a,

      Thank you for your positive response. I would recommend that you follow the link in the post to contact ISNAD directly with your interest in joining the network.

      Best wishes,

      Onno Giller
      On behalf of AfriAlliance

  2. To be very fair I have been following your work for some time now and since this internship came up am just so excited and I will like to work with you people and further my knowledge on our environment and how to protect it.

    1. Dear Nyoh,

      I am glad you have been following our work, and hope you continue doing so. The environment is indeed important, so great you want to learn more about it. I would recommend you contact ISNAD directly about the possibility of working as an intern in their programme.

      Best wishes,

      Onno Giller
      On behalf of AfriAlliance

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