City of Cape Town welcomes ideas for improving its water resilience


The City of Cape Town, South Africa, is currently experiencing the worst drought since 1904. The Premier of the Western Cape has declared the City and other areas in the Western Cape as a disaster area and is requesting ideas for a Water Resilience Strategy. 

The city’s dam levels have dropped substantially and the City of Cape Town wants to investigate possible solutions to augment the city’s potable water supply by using reverse osmosis (RO), desalination or similar plants to produce between 100 mega litres to 500 mega litres of potable water per day from sea water, other surface water sources or even treated run-off. The city seeks to gauge the interest of for-profit and non-profit entities in forming possible partnerships with the City to supply, install and operate temporary reverse osmosis (RO) plants.

Read the full Request for Ideas / Information (RFI) here. The deadline is 10 July.

Note: this RFI is not a request for proposal, request for quotation, offer or invitation for bid, nor does its issuance restrict the City of Cape Town in its eventual implementation activities. 

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