Scholarship opportunity to do an MSc at IHE Delft


Ever wanted to follow an MSc programme at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft)? This could be your chance!

The Netherlands is funding individual scholarships for professionals through the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). The OKP gives both scholarships for short courses (2 weeks to 12 months) and MSc programmes (12 to 24 months).

The MSc programmes at IHE Delft are eligible for application for the scholarship, and the scholarship would cover the costs associated with completing the full MSc programme.

IHE Delft offers the following MSc programmes (all 18 months, except where stated otherwise):

  • Water Management and Governance
  • Urban Water and Sanitation
  • Environmental Science
  • Water Science and Engineering
  • Sanitation (12 months)

If you wish to be eligible for an OKP fellowship, it is very important that you submit your application for academic admission to IHE Delft before the 10th of February, 2019. In the meantime, it is beneficial to prepare the documents that you need to submit for your application for an OKP fellowship. You can read more about the requirements here. For any questions please contact IHE Delft directly.

2 responses to “Scholarship opportunity to do an MSc at IHE Delft

  1. Hi, I came across this website through a friend. And I’d like to express interest in obtaining this scholarship and opportunity.


    1. Dear Muktar,

      I am glad you would like to express your interest in the opportunity to study at IHE Delft. I would you recommend you follow the link in the post above to formally apply to IHE Delft, and then submit your application for the scholarship once your admission to IHE Delft is granted. I would also reccomend you start collecting all the necessary paperwork for the scholarship while you wait for your admission to IHE Delft to be granted.

      For many more questions, I refer you to IHE Delft, which you can access through the link above.

      Best wishes,

      Onno Giller
      On behalf of AfriAlliance

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