Participate in the ‘African Spatial Delight’ session during the Stockholm World Water Week!


During the World Water Week in Stockholm, AfriAlliance, G4AW and VIA Water will convene to host a special session: African Spatial Delight. This session will take place on 29 August and has been designed to give the audience a supermarket experience. Products and programs will be showcased to a broad audience from the international water sector. Stakeholders in the water sector are encouraged to interact with one another to learn more about climate-proof water management and innovative digital solutions.

After pitches from the conveners and the product owners, the audience will receive special coins to use only in this one of a kind supermarket. The different shopping rounds will give the audience the opportunity to browse around the supermarket and learn more about innovative solutions they could potentially purchase. At the end of the sessions, shoppers will get the chance to spend their money on the products they deemed most innovative. So come shop ‘til you drop!

Stockholm World Water Week
29 Aug 2018 11:00 – 12:30
Room: FH Little Theatre

Stockholm World Water Week

Between the 26th and 31st of August 2018, the Stockholm World Water Week will bring together stakeholders from all over the world to discuss global water issues. This year, “Water, ecosystems and human development” will be the focal theme. Experts, practitioners, business innovators, young professionals, etc. from a wide range of countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, and build new partnerships.


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