Triple Sensor Forecasting and Monitoring

One of the objectives of AfriAlliance is to help improve water and climate monitoring and forecasting processes and tools in Africa.

To achieve this goal, AfriAlliance will:  

  • build an overview of current efforts on monitoring and forecasting efforts in Africa, and present this in an easily accessible web service;
  • identify barriers, constraints and opportunities in the field of water resources monitoring and forecasting;
  • on the basis of these overviews - and the combined knowledge of the AfriAlliance Consortium - build a Blueprint on monitoring water points: a general applicable plan on how to develop a full monitoring system covering all water points (improved and unimproved) in a specific region, country or basin in Africa.

The work in this Activity will be based on the three sensor approach, combining input from 1) remote sensors (satellite, drones, etc.), 2) in-situ sensors (e.g. official weather stations) and 3) human sensors (e.g. citizens' own mobiles devices and private weather stations).