Water Environment and Business for Development (WE&B)

Water, Environment and Business for Development is a consulting company focused on the economic and social aspects of the water and environmental sectors. WE&B will lead WP1 in mapping networks and stakeholders, designing and setting up the AfriAlliance platform and engaging stakeholders in participation. To this end WE&B has experience in setting up water networks as the director of WE&B is the co-founder of the successful “NetwercH20”, the Network for Water in European Regions and Cities as well being a board member of the European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform. WE&B has experience in stakeholder identification and participation through models of identification and participatory approaches, with the most recent project “WaterClima LAC” showing this experience through the design and implementation of social and economic models for ecosystem services in Latin America.

Role in AfriAlliance

WE&B is the work package leader of WP1. Here WE&B will analyse thoroughly the cooperation/coordination mechanisms within Africa and between EU and Africa on Water and Climate. They will also lead the process of initiating, launching, implementing and managing the Action groups. Finally, WE&B will be involved in WP6 assisting in the dissemination of the project results. WE&B will also have a significant role in supporting the online platform, which is an activity closely connected to WP1, and in WP5 supporting dissemination activities at various levels. In particular, WE&B will be in charge of the overall management of the dissemination and communication strategy. Lastly, WE&B will have inputs in WP2 in the process of needs identification.

Who are we?

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Key contacts

David Smith (m) is the director at WE&B. He has a Bachelors and Honors degree from the University of Cape Town in Limnology and is currently completing a Masters from Loughborough University (WEDC) on water and environmental management. His expertise on economic and social development is focused on environmental management, integrated water resource management, water technology, business models, economic viability for water and sanitation treatment, ecosystem services and capacity building. David was elected as a board member for the WssTP from 2012 – 2014. He is also the vice President and co-founder of NetwercH2O. He is currently a core member of the IWA Ecosystem Services Specialist group. David has also worked for four and a half years as a project coordinator at the research centre CTM in Spain, where he sourced and managed funding for consortiums of several water and environmental projects. David has worked for 5 years (2003 – 2008) for the water and wastewater treatment company Thames Water Utilities Ltd, in London England.

Beatriz Medina (f). Her professional career started in 2005 at Delphin Water Systems and Technical University of Harburg ( Hamburg , Germany) as a fellow in the wastewater department. Beatriz worked as a consultant in Amphos 21 Consulting in Barcelona for almost seven years, where she specialized in the field of strategic environmental communication, participatory processes and studies in social innovation. Most of the related projects where she gained experience have been funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme (FP6 OBRA, FP7 PACHELBEL, FP7 MUSTANG, FP7 WaterDiss2.0, FP7 DEMOWARE, FP7 DESSIN) and LIFE+ (Water RtoM, INSITRATE). Beatriz has also participated in development aid projects on environmental education as well as in projects to enhance local and sustainable development where she developed management tools and participatory processes.

Maria Borrós (f) is a partner at WE&B. Her expertise on economic and social development is focused on economic viability studies, business models for innovative products, processes and services, economic analysis for innovative products and processes, market studies, plan for the internationalisation of R&D and innovative products, designing business practices and strategies for innovative processes, capacity building and driving and managing change. Maria has worked for 3 years as a promoter of technology at the research centre CTM in Spain, where she has prepared studies of improved business models and analysis of economic viability for new projects and businesses based on innovation. She is a member of The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business.