Water Research Commission (WRC)

The Water Research Commission (WRC) of South Africa was established in 1971 to address the issues of limited research coordination, neglect of key water research fields, and little strategic direction or leadership that could identify priority areas or appropriate technology transfer. The WRC has five key strategic areas (KSA): 1) Water Resource Management, 2)Water-Linked Ecosystems, 3) Water Use and Waste Management, 4) Water Utilisation in Agriculture, 5) Business Systems , 6) Marketing and Communications, each providing an integrating framework for addressing a portfolio of key water-related needs. These KSAs allow for multidisciplinary studies and are focused on solving real life problems.

The WRC recognises the importance of partnerships and actively builds partnership profile for informing priorities, leveraging funds, developing research products and services and transferring knowledge. It is through co-ordination, co-operation and communication in water R&D that the WRC has been able to make inroads to global solutions. Collaborative partnerships have been established with private and public entities, as well as governmental departments and international institutions.

WRC is regarded as a knowledge hub for Southern Africa – with a huge database of stakeholders, an interactive knowledge hub and research directory, and also a sound programme of water related events. This provides both the hardware and software required for network creation and ensuring widespread inclusion of multiple stakeholder groups in the action groups and broader AfriAlliance project.


Role in AfriAlliance

WRC will provide inputs to WP1 (participating in action groups), WP2 (contributing to the shaping of the research and social innovation agenda) and WP5 (contribution to dissemination in their capacity as a key player in the African context).

Who are we?

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Key contacts

Sibongile Mavimbela and Mandla Msibi