Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP)

Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) was initiated by the European Commission in 2004 to promote coordination and collaboration of Research and Technology Development in the water industry. WssTP provides strategic answers for the water research future challenges and has more than 100 members and 210 contributors from Industries, Academics, Researchers, Policy Makers and Water Utilities. WssTP is led by industries in collaboration with academics, research organisations and water users to improve efficiency and financial opportunities in the sector. WssTP is widely recognized by the European Commission and National governments as a key reference organisation in the Research & Technology domain for the water sector. WssTP works with National Government representatives through the Mirror State Members Group including representatives that reflect on the activities of the WssTP and has a strong network of Members and contributors involved in its activities including the delivering of research strategic vision and the production of evidenced based reports identifying future research needs. From Fundamental Research to implementation, WssTP is proactive in identifying future challenges. WssTP has high reaching potential in the water sector in Europe. Currently WssTP is in the process of establishing a strategic collaboration between the environment sector group of EEN. WssTP has a strong engagement in the EIP Water: 7of the 26 EIP HLSG representatives are WssTP members and 14 of the 45 EIP TF members are WssTP members.


Role in AfriAlliance

WssTP will have the key task of connecting AfriAlliance, and the knowledge generated by it, with the EU water sector, given its strong presence both at the level of water sector organizations and at the policy making level (e.g. in JPI Water). It will therefore provide very important inputs in WP5 in support of communication and dissemination of project results. Other inputs will be provided in WP3, supporting the creation of the Online Platform and various events, especially in connection with the EU existing networks, and lastly in WP1 (supporting the analysis of existing mechanisms for the EU side) and WP2 (given its experience in setting a sector research agenda).

Who are we?

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Key contacts

Durk Krol (m) is the director of WssTP. He has worked in the water sector at the European level for the last 10 years, initially as senior legal policy officer for the water department of provincial government of Friesland (NL). As deputy secretary general of EUREAU (the European federation of national water associations of water suppliers and waste water services), he was actively promoting the common interests of the European water service sector to the EU institutions and stakeholders. Durk has a master’s degree in both International law and Latin American literature from the University of Leiden (NL) and an MBA from United Business Institutes in Brussels (Belgium). Durk is also Chair of JPI Stakeholder Advisory Board

Maria Mirachtsi (f) is the WssTP Communications and events officer. She has substantial experience in corporate and marketing communications and dissemination of information through traditional and new (social) media, as well as event management.

Ana De Leon Sundheim (f) is WssTP Marketing & PR officer. She is a graduate of Business Administration and she recently completed her master degree in Marketing Research from the University of Seville. She is also specialised on Graphic & Web Design. Ana has been Marketing & PR officer of WssTP since February 2013 and she has previously worked for Abengoa Water in the Strategy & Corporate Development Department.