17th IWRA World Water Congress

17th IWRA World Water Congress

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IWRA organises and supports international water congresses and events related to advancing water resources knowledge, policy and management around the world. Since 1973, IWRA has held a World Water Congress every three years in various locations around the world.

IWRA and the Korean co-organisers of the  XVII World Water Congress (Ministry of Environment; Daegu Metropolitan City; K-water; Korea Water Resources Association), would like to remind you that the call for additional abstracts and special sessions submissions to be added to the Congress programme taking place this year between November 29th and December 3rd in Daegu, Korea, is open.

Important: Submissions accepted in the previous call are still valid and remain in the system unless they are formally withdrawn.  This call for new submissions also offers a chance to present research and work focussing on the COVID-19 pandemic, under the recently added Congress sub-theme - "Building resilient systems for climate change, growing populations and epidemics".  Please note that due to programme limitations, only the best abstracts and special sessions proposals can be accepted.  Preference may be given to abstracts and proposals that include a strong focus on COVID-19, and experiences learned from responding to the pandemic at local, national or regional levels.

You can still send your proposals for oral and poster presentations, as well as special sessions, if you have not already done so, by Friday, April 30th 2021.

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