43rd WEDC International Conference: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS



The deadline for submission of extended abstracts and poster proposals is 1 March 2024.

We invite you to participate in the WEDC International Conference – a valued and respected platform for reflection, debate and exchange of knowledge and ideas, rooted in practice.

Our title for the forthcoming conference – Water and Climate Resilience – recognises that the world faces a future that is uncertain as we face the global challenge of reducing the impact the changing climate has on the water sector. For over fifty years, WEDC has sought to develop the knowledge and capacity of both individuals and institutions across the world working to meet the challenges of the sector, particularly in low- and middle income countries. The WEDC International Conferences continue to be key to supporting learning and sharing, which is critical for progress towards global goals and aspirations. To this end, we encourage open and honest exchange and debate of our experiences within our changing environment. The conference comprises keynote presentations on Monday 9 September 2024, followed by four days of online presentations; interactive discussions of peer-reviewed content; agency events from international organizations working in the sector; and online exhibitions.


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