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AMWAJ is hosting its third edition of the AMWAJ Live this October 2020. This edition will catalyse knowledge exchange, promote technical discussions and strengthen partnerships and networks amongst the Mediterranean water, energy and sustainability communities. It will serve as a platform for media, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and civil society from around the Mediterranean to collaborate and exchange around these key regional topics. The forum’s ultimate objective is to communicate the value of water and energy in society accurately and effectively, while constructively influencing policy-making in these fields. All sessions will be moderated by Mediterranean journalists or representatives from communication offices. Gender Balance is very important for AMWAJ: 50% of the speakers must be women.

AMWAJ Live invites journalists, policymakers, and journalists from around the world for an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are driven by passion and the knowledge to promote sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. The event will feature 2 discussion panels held by 10 industry experts from the Mediterranean region to engage in thought-provoking discussions related to the water and energy markets.

The topics of the two discussion panels are:

  • October 28 14:00-16:30 CET: “Regional Cooperation on Water and Energy in the Mediterranean”
  • October 29 9:30-11:30 AM CET “Innovative, Youth-driven Solutions for Water and Energy in the Mediterranean”

Register now to attend AMWAJ Live on October 28-29,2020!

Furthermore, AMWAJ Live includes a Water and Energy ‘Mediathon’, a capacity-building exercise organized in collaboration with CEWAS Middle East connecting media professionals with water and energy entrepreneurs. The event, comprising three fully immersive days, thereby provides an opportunity for media professionals to engage with environmental enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs to target emerging environmental topics in a creative and effective way. Interested journalists can register their interest here:

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