Call for Contributions

  • Water Pollution
  • Waste
  • Microplastics

Preparations are starting for INBO new handbook on Transfer of Waste and Plastics in Aquatic Environments !

The table of content is online. Case studies coming from various stakeholders concerned with the joint management of waste and water resources (representatives of public authorities, non-governmental players, river basin organisations, as well as water and waste professionals) will be included. The stories aim to offer stakeholders solutions for managing and fighting the transfer of waste and plastics into aquatic environments, based on examples of implementation in different territories and national or transboundary basins worldwide.

Contributions can fit in one of those two chapters: 

  • Waste and aquatic environments: anthropogenic pollution 
    • waste characterization and quantification,
    • identifying waste sources and how they enter the environment,
    • the impact of waste on aquatic environments,
    • solutions to manage waste flows in rivers.
  •     Plastic flows in basins 
    • characterization and quantification of plastics
    • sources of plastics
    • impacts of plastics and microplastics on aquatic environments
    • solution to reduce the impact of plastic

Contributions are welcome in 3 languages (French, English, Spanish) and from all over the world.

The form template for contributions (Word file) must be sent before December 15th to Mrs. Marjorie Germain-Lupi (m.lupi@oieau.fr) and Mrs. Mettoux-Petchimoutou (ap.mettoux-petchimoutou@oieau.fr) and named "NAME_DDMMYYYY_Waste and Plastic Handbook".

We thank you in advance for your valuable contributions.

If you have any questions, please contact m.lupi@oieau.fr et ap.mettoux-petchimoutou@oieau.fr.

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