Cassandra Conference

  • Climate Change
  • Migration
  • Public Health
  • water conflict
  • gender equality

CASSANDRA 2023: Confronting the dramatic consequences of Climate change on Migration, Health, Conflict and Gender equality 

Building on the success of the first edition of CASSANDRA held in 2021, the online conference aims to introduce the world of the scientist to that of the policy maker, the artist and writer to the realities of marginalised social groups, the possibilities of research to the people suffering the dramatic consequences of a path that begins with climate change and leads to challenges related to a deterioration in public health, enhanced forced migration, potential situations of conflict and increased gender inequality in both the Mediterranean region and Africa.

Experts from the United Nations Environment Programme, UNESCO, UN HABITAT, the European Commission, African and European National Governments, the Union of the Mediterranean, The Vatican and 50 universities, NGOs and cultural entities from Africa and the Mediterranean will offer their visions in a ground-breaking dialogue with the public.

There will be no PowerPoint presentations in order to encourage a fluid, earnest and revealing interaction between speakers and listeners. The event is 100% on-line and registration is free.

Join us and hear what some of the most important and relevant actors truly think about these vital issues.

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