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COVID-19 Water and Sanitation Hackathon

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The COVID-19 Water and Sanitation Hackathon is a 48-hour hackathon on 10 and 11 July to find digital and technology solutions to water and sanitation problems in a time of COVID-19. During the hackathon, multi-disciplinary teams will collaborate to develop innovative solutions that can help address the COVID-19 crisis.

Participants will form teams on Friday, July 10 to hone in on key problems and generate solutions, including proof of concepts, prototypes, and preliminary vision for execution. Throughout the two-day period, teams will connect with mentors to refine their solutions.

On Saturday, July 11, teams will make their submissions to a panel of expert judges. We are focused on connecting teams with the tools and resources needed to develop solutions that can be implemented post the ideation phase. After the event, winning teams will have the opportunity to bring their solutions to life with the support of our partners.

There are two challenges to be solved within the 48-hour period. The first challenge will involve solving a COVID-19 water and sanitation challenge using machine learning and data science. The second challenge requires the use of technology to enhance communication and drive behaviour change.

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