Geo Virtual Symposium 2020

Geo Virtual Symposium 2020

  • Online Event
  • Earth Observation
  • Data Sharing

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is turning Earth observation data and information into knowledge for action. GEO is a partnership of more than 100 national governments and in excess of 100 Participating Organizations that envisions a future where decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations.

The GEO Virtual Symposium 2020 will be held this week (15-19 June, 2020). Details at 

If you aren’t able to join live, please note that all sessions will be published online on our YouTube Channel after the Live Stream. 

To explore the many ways that Earth Observations are making an impact on our world, please read the impact report at

For example, Earth observations play a major role in helping countries achieve the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Earth observations are used for monitoring and reporting on the SDG targets and indicators, and helps countries to develop policies, track progress, make informed decisions and implement change. GEO promotes the inclusion of Earth observation data in the methodologies that are used to measure and ultimately achieve the SDGs. Details at

You can download the full implementation plans for each activity on our website. Details at


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