IWA Digital Water Congress

IWA Digital World Water Congress 2021

  • Online Event

The first fully virtual IWA #WorldWaterCongress aims to bring together global stakeholders from the water sector and covers the full water-cycle, from water resources to wastewater recovery – connecting the dots for a water wise world. View the programme overview here.

IWA’s Digital World Water Congress is the first major virtual conference for water professionals globally covering the full water cycle. The programme overview can be viewed here.


Six overarching themes define the programme: Water Utility Management, Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery, Drinking Water and Potable Reuse, City-scale Planning and Operations, Communities Communications and Partnerships, Water Resources & Large Scale Water Management. Visit the Programme page for more information.


Find out more and register here: https://digital.worldwatercongress.org/


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