RISE Africa

RISE Africa

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  • Sustianable Cities
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RISE Africa is ICLEI Africa’s new annual event that aims to inspire and foster new connections that lead to swift and impactful actions for enhanced sustainability and resilience in Africa’s urban areas. Exposure to forward-thinking ideas from different disciplines through a range of curated interactions will provide an antidote to outdated “silo” thinking that is well recognised to inhibit innovation. Instead of being another ‘talk shop’ amongst like-minded individuals, RISE Africa will bring a diversity of city role players together in innovative sessions to identify new opportunities for collaborative action.

Please note, that due to the spread of COVID-19, instead of hosting an international event in May 2020, RISE Africa will facilitate online showcases, local roundtables and thematic webinars, each of which will lead up to and build momentum towards RISE Africa 2021, confirmed for 24-26 May 2021.

These lead-up events will explore the key themes of RISE Africa with the same level of creative pursuit – using photography, art and videography exhibitions, and experimenting with virtual opportunities.

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