SADC Groundwater Conference

The Southern African Development Community-Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) and its partners are proud to announce their 2nd Annual SADC Groundwater Conference to be held under the theme “Groundwater Contribution to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in SADC Region”. The conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 4th to the 6th of September 2019, Southern Sun Hotel OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Water and sanitation, as absolute necessities for people, planet and prosperity, are at the very core of sustainable development. Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation and hygiene are pillars of human health and well-being. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes a dedicated goal on Water and Sanitation (SDG 6) that sets out to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” SDG 6 expands the MDG focus on drinking Water and Sanitation to cover the entire water cycle, including the management of water, wastewater and ecosystem resources. With water at the very core of sustainable development, SDG 6 does not only have strong linkages to all of the other SDGs, it also underpins them; therefore, meeting SDG 6 would go a long way towards achieving much of the 2030 Agenda, i.e. ending poverty, improving health, spurring economic growth, and preserving ecological integrity. 

The conference will provide a platform for exchange of views and experiences; dialogue and network; foster new thinking; and benchmark on best practices amongst researchers, practitioners and decision makers on the extent and role of groundwater in achievement of SDGs.

The conference is structured into three sub-themes as indicated below:

  • Contributions of research towards understanding, the status, trends and risks to groundwater resources.
  • Measuring progress towards attaining SDG targets, data collection, and management within the SADC Member States.
  • Policy legal and institutional considerations at national and trans-boundary levels.

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