Seminar Series: Improving Water Resources Management

Seminar Series: Improving Water Resources Management

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The ADB Water Sector Group, in collaboration with Deltares, is presenting a new seminar series on improving water resources management. In five fortnightly webinars, starting 11 August, experts from Deltares will share their knowledge and tools on urban resilience, WASH and health, adaptive pathways, hydrological models, and flood forecasting.

This knowledge sharing can help inform project design and implementation in developing countries across Asia and the Pacific. This is the first webinar series organized by the ADB Water Sector Group that is open for public participation. Please join and share with your personal water network. 

For more on the sessions, please click here. To download the flyer, click here.

In the series:

Featured speakers:

  • Frans van de Ven, leader of the Urban Land and Water Management team
  • Eline Boelee, interdisciplinary scientist in water-health-ecosystems interlinkages
  • Marjolijn Haasnoot, environmental scientist
  • Albrecht Weerts, expert on data model integration and hydrological forecasting
  • Nadine Slootjes, manager for Water Operations and Early Warning

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