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Toilet Talks

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This collection of Toilet Talks and platform were initially created by Marcus Erridge for World Toilet Day 2019. The idea is to raise awareness about the human right to sanitation in it's many forms. The theme for World Toilet Day 2019 is 'leaving no one behind' and this platform encourages contributions that discuss issues around discrimination, marginalization, and WASH access. Academics, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) professionals, students, and others record and share stories relating to their personal and professional experiences.

​Different concepts of Toilet Talks have appeared over the years. These include academic talks and publications, public health information around WASH issues, and short videos or animations relating to development work. The term ‘toilet talk’ has also been used in a similar way to ‘laser talk’ or ‘elevator talk’ to signify a short, informative lecture that may not relate to 'toilets' at all. 

How to Submit a Toilet Talk

The process for creating and submitting your own Toilet Talk is easy. Here are the steps:
Decide what you'd like to talk about and sketch out a short script. Please aim for 3-5 minutes in total. 

  1. Identify a decent quality digital recorder, or use a free software on a smart phone. If using a laptop or desktop, a digital microphone alongside free software is recommended. Do your best with what you have access to.

  2. Find a quiet place with minimal background noise to record your Toilet Talk. Expect a few attempts to eliminate mistakes and sound issues. This might include figuring out your best distance from your mic and checking for car horns or barking dogs in the background!. Don't worry about editing sections together - just aim for a single take. The final recording must be good quality, but a couple of slips or stumbles are perfectly natural. Don't obsess, just ensure you are making your key points within 3-5 minutes.

  3. Save or convert your audio file to an mp3 file. Some recorders/software produce mp3's automatically. Others can be changed though free online file conversion tools. Then write a short accompanying bio of 50-60 words, provide a headshot picture, and submit these with your Toilet Talk by email to: You will receive a quick reply regarding acceptance of material or troubleshooting issues.

  4. Finally, once your talk is approved, please share the published Toilet Talks with your colleagues, friends, family, and professional networks. Ask permission for the Toilet Talks posters to be placed (and kept in situ) in public restrooms at your workplace or institution. Posters will be finalized and made available in early November 2019. 


More information of the 'Toilet Talks' project can be found here. For more information on the World Toilet Day, please see here

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