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Registrations Are Now Open for Water Market Europe 2024

Water Market Europe is coming back on 26-27 March for its 2024 edition on ''Mining'' Water and Resources from Desalination Brines, Urban and Industrial Wastewater Streams. Organised under the contribution of the EU-funded project WATER-MINING, our event will showcase cutting-edge technologies and actively encourage collaboration among problem owners, technology providers, and investors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to exploit business opportunities and connect with the water market players!


Why Should You Join WME2024?

👁‍🗨 Support the market uptake of cutting-edge technologies for water and resource extraction from desalination brines and wastewater.
📢 Join hands with problem owners, solution providers, and investors for impactful partnerships.
🤝 Engage in B2B meetings, fostering collaborations and business.
💎 Contribute to a Water-Smart future by harnessing wastewater for valuable resources.

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