Webinar: Water and Sanitation – Learning and Looking Beyond the COVID19 Crisis

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The COVID-19 crisis, which requires strict hygiene measures to prevent infection and the spread of the disease, has shed further light on the lack of access to water and sanitation services in South Africa and the broader African continent. The crisis has put the spotlight on the stark inequalities in this respect. A number of solutions are accordingly being deployed to improve access and reduce the impact of the health and sanitary crisis.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 crisis has made the lack of transition to more sustainable solutions and services apparent, highlighting the need for urgent action. As South Africa responds to COVID-19 as well as aims to stimulate the economy post-lockdown, an opportunity exists to address many of the water and sanitation challenges in the country. The need to look forward and outline the key water and sanitation-related initiatives that are critical to supporting South Africa’s socio-economic recovery is evident.  

This WRC webinar aims to open up dialogue with a range of partners to discuss: 

  • Lessons being learnt on water and sanitation readiness
  • South Africa’s emergency water and sanitation responses
  • The creation of opportunities for social and economic recovery
  • Plans, Policies and Action - Where should African countries be improving moving forward?
  • How could water and sanitation interventions be included in economic recovery strategies?

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