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Behold! The second edition of Wetskills South-Korea!

Because of the success of a memorable first (Olympic) edition of a Wetskills Water Challenge in South-Korea in February last year (read more about it here), Wetskills is thrilled to announce the upcoming second edition of Wetskills South-Korea this year! As from today, Wetskills is welcoming case owners as well as participants to apply for a spot in this Wetskills South-Korea 2019 event. The programme will start on 25 August 2019 in Seoul and the great finale with pitches will be held on 6 September, during the Korean International Waterweek (KIWW) 2019 in Daegu. The two-week programme is under construction as we speak: get ready to be part of this life-changing experience including high-level network events, brainstorms with South Korean water experts and of course our ambassador Somi Douma!

The first application round is now open and the deadline for applications on the 1st of May, 2019. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity and reserve your spot by using the application form online on the Wetskills website. Be sure to check out the past event page of Wetskills South-Korea 2018 for an impression of South-Korea 2018, by using this link.

Deadline for the first application and first selection: 1 May 2019.

Who can apply?
Any Young Water Professionals (up to 5 years of working experience) and last year Bachelor, Master or PhD student and recent graduates from European universities or organizations with a passion for water and intercultural teamwork.

How can I apply?
Prepare a motivation letter and resume, go to the Wetskills website, fill in the online application form on the website and
submit it.

For more information, please see the pdf below, or visit the Wetskills website.

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