Partner Events
  • RWSN Webinar - Planning and Financing for Universal Access

    RWSN Webinar Series banner
    • RWSN
    • Webinar
    • Universal Access

    This is an RWSN webinar that is part of the 2019 series of webinars (online seminars) with a focus on “Leave No One behind” in rural water supply, running every Tuesday from April 16th, 2019 until...

  • European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference 2019

    • ECCA
    • Conference
    • Adaptation
    • Disaster risk reduction

    Working together to prepare for change Climate change is considered by many to be the challenge of the 21st century. The urgency and severity of this challenge, calls for integrated ways of looking at...

  • Wetskills-China 2019

    Shanghai by night Wetskills banner
    • wetskills
    • China
    • Yound Water Professionals

    Wetskills again to China!! The first Wetskills Water Challenge ever was organized in China during the WorldExpo 2010 in Shanghai and last year Wetskills had a successful event in China again. Guess...

  • Wetskills-Romania 2019

    Polder Construction Wetskills banner
    • wetskills
    • Romania
    • Young Water Professionals
    • water innovation
    • h2020

    Wetskills goes for the fourth time to Romania! Romania has it all! A vary diverse water system, and thus water challenges and solutions. Varying from high mountains up to the largest Delta of the...

  • EU-SPRI Conference

    • EU-SPRI
    • Conference
    • Technology
    • innovation
    • Sustainable development

    The EU-SPRI 2019 Conference builds on the directions proposed by the 2017 Vienna and the 2018 Paris EUSPRI conferences, and focuses on actors, instruments, practices, and policies for research and...

  • WETPOL 2019

    Wetlands boardwalk
    • Wetlands
    • Flood control
    • Ecosystems

    WETPOL is an international conference bringing together wetland scientists, engineers, and practitioners working on wetland ecosystem services, including water quality improvement, climate regulation,...

  • 17th “EUROPE-INBO” International Conference

    • Conference
    • Basin management
    • Water quality
    • Agriculture
    • Transboundary cooperation

    Discussing the future of the European Water Directives and showcasing ambitions under the midnight sun! Finnish authorities invite Europe-INBO this year to hold the 17th “EUROPE-INBO” International...

  • HERAKLION 2019

    • Conference
    • Plastic waste
    • Toxicity
    • Solid waste

    7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management The Conference aims to address the significant issue of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of safe practices &...

  • Wetskills-Bangladesh 2019

    Wetskills-Bangladesh 2019 Banner
    • wetskills
    • Bangladesh
    • CORE

    For the first time: Wetskills-Bangladesh!! For the first time ever, Wetskills Water Challenge is going to Bangladesh! Through cooperation with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology...

  • SMART Drinking Water Treatments - Summer School in Ferrara, Italy

    • Drinking Water
    • Summer School

    The summer school covers the main issues related to sustainable drinking water treatments and selection of adequate technologies. In particular lessons will critically review advantages and drawbacks...

  • Wetskills-Mexico 2019

    Wetskills-Mexico 2019 Banner
    • wetskills
    • Mexico
    • Young Water Professionals

    For the first time to México!! Wetskills will organize its water challenge for the first time in México City and the fourth time overall in North America, after Toronto (2014), Milwaukee (2015) and...

  • Wetskills-South Korea 2019

    Wetskills-South Korea Banner
    • wetskills
    • South Korea
    • Young Water Professionals
    • Korean International Water Week

    Behold! The second edition of Wetskills South-Korea! Because of the success of a memorable first (Olympic) edition of a Wetskills Water Challenge in South-Korea in February last year (read more about...