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The innovative AfriAlliance Stakeholder Map has more than 570 connected elements: simple (organisations), combined (network, associations, platforms, etc) and temporary liaisons (projects). These are helping to achieve the SDGs by leaving nobody behind (SDG 6), Climate Awareness (SG 13) and encouraging and promoting effective partnerships (SDG 17), amongst others.

A wide variety of stakeholder groups in Africa and Europe that are working on overcoming water and climate change challenges are connected, as visualised on this map. The AfriAlliance Stakeholder Map is currently made up of civil society organisations (23%), business organisations (22%), academia (15%) and funding and financing organisations (2.5%), the rest of the elements are made up of women's groups, youth groups, agricultural groups, and public authorities.

Where does your organisation, network or project fit on this network map? Find out by responding to these questions:

Call to Action – Put your organisation on the map of organisations working on water & climate issues in Africa & Europe


    AfriAlliance Stakeholder Map

    This map gives a visual overview of how AfriAlliance stakeholders are connected. To get the most out of the map please read the following instructions: 

    • To see the community connected to a specific stakeholder leave your cursor (without clicking) on that particular stakeholder (sphere), automatically the first-degree community surrounding that stakeholder is displayed. 
    • If you click on that stakeholder (sphere) it will display the information about that stakeholder in the information box on the left of the screen.
    • To see the names (acronyms) of the stakeholders you can zoom in by clicking the “plus” button at the top of the screen. 
    • The legend at the bottom left of the map gives an outline of the meaning of the size of the spheres and the weighted coloured connection lines
    • Focus: At the bottom of the information of each stakeholder there is a crosshair symbol (see below), by clicking on this symbol you can change your view of a stakeholder to show its first degree connections (direct); second degree connections (indirect) and third-degree connections (extended) of each stakeholder. 
    Crosshair symbol

    Crosshair symbol in the Stakeholder Map

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