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Akvopedia - free, open-sourced water, sanitation & hygiene resource

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Akvopedia is a free, open-sourced water, sanitation & hygiene resource (in addition to food security knowledge) that can be edited by anyone. Here you will find smart and affordable technologies and approaches in rural or urban settings. Project teams can learn more about financing, constructing, and maintaining a project in order to keep it functioning and stable for the long term. Some pages are translated in up to 9 languages (upper right of each page may have language flags), as we are increasing new translations continually. We also have the Google translator on each page. It will translate any English page into more than 90 languages. It cannot translate our hand-translated pages, only the English versions of those pages.

Akvopedia now contains 2,143 articles primarily in English. Akvopedia is hosted and managed by Akvo Foundation.

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