Google: Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation

Google: Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation

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  • Climate solutions invites applications for its Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation, which seeks to fund “big bet” projects that accelerate technological advances in climate information and action.

Through the challenge, seeks to support immediate, ambitious climate action that will keep global temperatures from rising beyond the threshold needed to prevent severe impacts on people, wildlife, and ecosystems. According to Google, open data and advanced digital tools, including AI and machine learning, are unlocking the information governments, researchers, and nonprofits need to take quick and decisive action—and ensure that those actions deliver results. Selected organizations may receive up to $5 million in funding, along with access to Google’s technical expertise and products, to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Proposed projects should apply technology by creating or enabling new solutions and approaches or propose innovative applications of existing technology. Solutions that apply AI and machine learning are encouraged. Projects should drive tangible, real-world impact for both the climate and people, and the proposal should explain how it will tackle climate change and/or the extent to which it will support others to do so. Successful applications will be grounded in data and research. Collaborations between multiple organizations are welcomed and encouraged—especially between technical and social-sector experts.

Eligible applicants include not-for-profit charities, other not-for-profit organizations, public or private academic or research institutions, and for-profit social enterprise companies with a project that has an explicit charitable purpose.

The organizations selected to receive funding will be announced no earlier than November 2022.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the website