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WEF Report: The Future Of Nature And Business

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a new report titled: "The Future of Nature and Business", which focuses on the business opportunities offered by making the systemic changes needed to tackle climate change. 

The report notes that up to 50% of global GDP could be threatened by climate change impacts if the 'business as usual' continues - while just 15 systemic changes to global socioeconomic systems could offer business opportunities of up to $10 trillion. Fundamental change is advocated for three systems: food land and ocean use; infrastructure and built environment; and energy and extractives. These three systems alone currently endanger almost 80% of the total threatened and near-threatened species.

Touching upon the impacts and implications of COVID-19, the report offers a reminder of the limits of socioecological systems and the risks that are posed by ignoring these limits. The report highlights the possible methods for building back better following the viral crisis.

The report will guide the working of Champions for Nature, a community working towards a shift towards a nature-positive economy around the world, as well as informing a Policy Companion report which will help governments ensure the integration of nature into economies. This aims to deliver “high-quality jobs and new sources of economic value, while preserving the natural capital needed for public health and societal resilience.”

"The Future of Nature and Business" is the second in a series of three reports in WEF’s New Nature Economy series. Find out more about the series on the WEF website.