Final AfriAlliance Conference Recording

Final AfriAlliance Conference: Bridging Needs & Solutions Session Recording

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  • Bridging Needs and Solutions

In case you missed the Final AfriAlliance Conference, or want to re-watch some of the sessions from the event, all recordings of AfriAlliance sessions are being uploaded for you to look back on!

Below please find the recording of the Bridging Needs and Solutions session, held on 28 October 2020, 10:15 - 12:15 CET.

The AfriAlliance project departs from the realization that while climate change presents (new) challenges for African stakeholders, an increasing but fragmented knowledge base exists, in Africa and in Europe. AfriAlliance tries to bridge the needs of African stakeholders to be better prepared, on the one hand, with existing knowledge, innovation and solutions, on the other hand.

To this end, AfriAlliance has developed a range of methods to bridge the gap in Africa between local water-related needs arising from climate change and existing knowledge and solutions. These 'bridging' methods and approaches will be showcased. This interactive event allows participants to explore all the methods and approaches and will be followed by a discussion and feedback session on which approaches are most useful and how can we best make them available to African and European stakeholders.