HyCRISTAL: Integrating hydro-climate science into policy decisions for climate-resilient infrastructure and livelihoods in East Africa

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  • Climate Change

Availability of water is fundamental for development in the East African region. However, this vital resource is already under stress from land degradation, pollution, and overfishing. Climate change adds to these problems, greatly increasing the vulnerability of the poorest people in the region. HyCRISTAL is developing a new understanding of climate change and its impacts in the region, working with decision-makers to manage water for a more climate-resilient future.

HyCRISTAL focuses on East Africa; a rapidly developing region where, close to the equator, there are two rainy seasons per year, but includes areas which have a single dominant rainy season. The socio-economic focus region is the area of the East African Community states (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda), but the project addresses a wider region including Somalia and Ethiopia. HyCRISTAL is supported by the East African Community and is linked to the World Meterological Office GWEX programme project HyVic.

Find out more here: https://futureclimateafrica.org/project/hycristal/

Watch the new HyCRISTAL video 'Story of a Flood' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgxaySy3-QE