Involving your colleagues in what you do: lunch seminar about AfriAlliance at IHE Delft

  • IHE Uta Wehn
    Uta Wehn
    Associate Professor of Water Innovation Studies
    IHE Delft

12 February 2018

On 15 December 2017, IHE Delft organised a lunch seminar on AfriAlliance for the IHE country coordinators. Country coordinators are the focal points for activities in a particular country in which IHE Delft works. The goal was to raise awareness of the AfriAlliance project and its activities among colleagues, but also – importantly – to look for synergies with the work of others and to find concrete opportunities for cooperation.

The lunch seminar proved to be a great opportunity to exchange information with colleagues working on similar topics. IHE Delft is a large institute and this lunch seminar gave us the opportunity to learn more about synergies with other projects. Also, the networks of our colleagues can be very useful for AfriAlliance to organise its activities in different parts of Africa.

The lunch seminar showed that exchanging information with colleagues in this way can lead to fruitful outcomes and new ways forward for cooperation. For example, Titia Wouters from the ViaWater platform ( which was hosted at IHE until recently and which supports innovative projects that solve water problems in African cities, offered to check which needs identified by AfriAlliance can  benefit from ViaWater solutions. With other colleagues, we discussed possible links between the AfriAlliance activities and their own ongoing project-based interventions and results.

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