Launch of Alliance for a Climate Resilient Earth (ACRE)

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  • Climate Change Adaptation

On 24 April 2020 the Alliance for a Climate Resilient Earth (ACRE) was launched as an initiative of the Stimson Center. As a member-based organization, ACRE aims to bring together municipal, business and policy actors to support the building of climate resilient infrastructure. This consortium of members aim to operationalize and implement research in resilience in each of their respective sectors.

ACRE states that “Cities, businesses, and civil society must join forces, before disasters strike, to build climate resilience, save lives, and protect critical infrastructure”, and that “Only through a focused, global initiative to create climate resilient cities can we hope to achieve a climate resilient earth”.

Founded by Jan Hartke, ACRE currently contains a range of organizations, such as American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Council for Science and the Environment, the American Water Resources Association, Conservation International, EarthX, Wood Plc, NASA, AECOM.

The Alliance was launched at the Resilient Cities Virtual Conference, during the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Watch the launch of ACRE here:

ACRE is a project of the Stimson Center. Read more at