Pitching successful innovations at the 2nd AfriAlliance Roadshow event

WRC Mamohloding Tlhagale
Mamohloding Tlhagale
Head of International Cooperation and Partnerships
  • water technologies

24 September 2018

The Water Research Commission of South Africa held the second AfriAlliance Roadshow Event on 25 July 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa. Policy makers, innovators, funders, researches and entrepreneurs attended the event to learn more about the Water Research Commission, National Water Research, the Development and Innovation Roadmap 2015-2025 Plan, Water Technologies Demonstration Programme opportunities and support instruments to facilitate water and sanitation innovations.

Dr. Mamohloding Tlhgale opened the Roadshow with a presentation on the AfriAlliance project and its role in strengthening Africa’s preparedness for climate change challenges. Then several members of the AfriAlliance consortium delivered presentations on the future possibilities of water resource services and sanitation, the South African research development and innovation (RDI) roadmap, the Water Technologies Demonstration (Wader) Programme and intellectual property rights and technology transfer.

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During a pitching session, innovators were given the opportunity to pitch their innovations, followed by a speed dating session for the attendees to meet with the innovators. The featured innovations included waste water technologies which use microbial food webs and biofilm technology to treat wastewater and innovations that use grey water to produce safe fresh water.

All in all, the Roadshow event proved to be successful where knowledge and ideas where shared during lively and interactive sessions. AfriAlliance holds several Roadshows events per year. If you would to attend a Roadshow event, keep an eye on the AfriAlliance events list in the website!

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