Set of publications: rainwater for small-scale irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa

24 May 2017

After 3 years, the capacity-building project AFRHINET has come to an end. A set of key publications focusing on innovative know-how and experiences on the use of rainwater for off-season small-scale irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa are now accessible online. 

The publications consist of best practices, policy recommendations, technical reports and training materials. There is also a baseline study on "Fostering the use of rainwater for small-scale irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa". The publications are relevant for sub-Saharan Africa in general and for Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in particular. 

AFRHINET was a 3-year capacity building project on the use of rainwater for off-season small-scale irrigation in arid and semi-arid areas of sub-Saharan Africa, coordinated by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in partnership with Addis Ababa University, WaterAid-Ethiopia, University of Nairobi, Searnet-ICRAF, Eduardo Mondlane University, University of Zimbabwe and ICRISAT-Zimbabwe. 

A dedicated 'wrap-up flyer' summarizes the results and impacts of the project.