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IBM Internet of Things platform

  • Digital Water Services
  • Water management

The Internet of Things offers new solutions for improving water management, to maximize efficient use of this precious resource. Comprehensive water management strategies can reduce water costs by up to 20%, which has a real impact on cities. Water projects can be particularly complex since many cities rely on aging infrastructure, and the IoT also presents opportunities for municipalities to reduce operational expenses around construction, maintenance, and more

Solution characteristics

Monitor water quality and quantity
Sub themes
Establishing rules and methods to monitor water quality and quantity
Stakeholder group
  • Water Utilities (WU)
Pain reliever
  • Evaluation and monitoring of water resources quality and quantity
Gain creator
  • More efficient systemic water management
  • Prescriptive maintenance on infrastructure
  • Quality control on water reserves
  • Transparency on consumption
  • Water leakage detection
  • Water quality and safety monitoring
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Technological Solution
Societal challenges
  • Ecosystem Management
Solution Type
  • Product
Technological readiness level
  • TRL 9 actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space