Akvo Flow, Caddisfly and Lumen

Monitoring data on eutrophic state of surface water

  • monitoring
  • Eutrophication

Cyanolakes provides info on eutrophic state of lakes in near realtime Monitor abstractions points in near-real time for cyanobacteria and algae, total suspended mass and water clarity, with seasonal forecasts, to assist in supply chain management of chemicals and treatment options and improve operational efficiency. For water treatment plants and bulk water users including power plants, manufactures and mines

Solution characteristics

Supply sufficient drinking water of good quality to protect population health
Sub themes
Information on freshwater quality, quantity and localisation
Stakeholder group
  • River Basin Organisations (RBOs)
Pain reliever
  • Reduce long-term monitoring costs
Gain creator
  • Enhance routine monitoring and reporting
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Technological Solution
Societal challenges
  • Water security
Solution Type
  • Service
Technological readiness level
  • TRL 7 system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Solution provider

CyanoLakes RealTime

Mark Matthews

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