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Nine Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Community Engagement

  • local stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Engagement

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to be engaged and relevant to the community that you are located in. By becoming an active member in the local area, not only can you increase the recognition of your organization, but you can also meet the people that make up the very community you operate in. These people are your very direct base of volunteers and donors, and your nonprofit needs to recognize them and appreciate their efforts in supporting your cause.

Solution characteristics

Raise awareness, communicate and train stakeholders on water-related climate change challenges
Sub themes
How to increase awareness of local communities and involve them in water protection under climate change?
Stakeholder group
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
Pain reliever
  • Lack of involvement of communities in protecting water resources
Gain creator
  • If it works and is done seriously, it can definitely improve the capacity and involvement of stakeholders and the community to improve the water management
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Capacity Development
Societal challenges
  • Governance and Policy
Solution Type
  • Service