Akvo Flow, Caddisfly and Lumen

Promotion of effective sanitation and hygiene practice

  • Sanitation
  • Training

This evidence brief provides an overview of WASH interventions in disease outbreak response – an evidence synthesis published in February 2017 by the Humanitarian Evidence Programme and carried out by a team from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Tufts University. It summarizes key findings in response to four research questions, indicates the country contexts from which evidence is drawn, outlines the methodology, highlights research gaps and provides references to the original literature.

Solution characteristics

Supply sufficient drinking water of good quality to protect population health
Sub themes
Information on freshwater quality, quantity and localisation
Stakeholder group
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
Pain reliever
  • Cholera
Gain creator
  • Health impacts of WASH interventions in disease outbreaks
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Capacity Development
Societal challenges
  • Public Health and Risk Prevention
Solution Type
  • Process
Technological readiness level
  • TRL 1 basic principles observed

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Oxfam GB

Lisa Walmsley

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