Akvo Flow, Caddisfly and Lumen

Reducing contact to insects for reducing infection risks

  • Insect Breeding Control
  • Public Health

Global change, parasite transmission and disease control: lessons from ecology. Parasitic infections are ubiquitous in wildlife, livestock and human populations, and healthy ecosystems are often parasite rich. Yet, their negative impacts can be extreme. Understanding how both anticipated and cryptic changes in a system might affect parasite transmission at an individual, local and global level is critical for sustainable control in humans and livestock.

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Supply sufficient drinking water of good quality to protect population health
Sub themes
Definition of quality standards for drinking water
Stakeholder group
  • Water Utilities (WU)
Pain reliever
  • Spread of insect and water-borne diseases
Gain creator
  • Reducing contact to insects
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Social Innovation Dimension
  • Capacity Development
Societal challenges
  • Public Health and Risk Prevention
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  • Service
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  • TRL 1 basic principles observed

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Cardiff University

Joanne Cable

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